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No One Strategy Fits Everyone Understanding Forecast An Approach Designed For You

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We are Robert and Denise Holland, financial advisors at Holland Capital Management with offices in Grants Pass and Medford Oregon.

Some of our advisors focus on helping individuals plan for their retirement years or help people through financial transitions; Other advisors are helping companies manage their 401k, IRA’s, and 403b by lowering costs and providing local service. We do this by making every effort to maximize return while lowering risk. In the long run, this too will help people retire, follow their passions and goals, give back to their community and make a difference.

We are more than financial advisors; we are your friends, your neighbors, and your adopted family. While your goals and passions are uniquely yours, we manage your assets as though your goals and passions are our own. We are independent and always a fiduciary which allows us to go out and find the best investment solution for your unique financial situation. You, the client, will always come first. The community comes second. We find our happiness and satisfaction because we truly love helping people accomplish their goals, seek out their passions, and make a difference in our community. We get to do it every day we come to work at Holland Capital Management.

Don't Just Expect The Unexpected; Plan For It

No matter what stage of life you are planning for, once we understand who you are and what’s important to you, the financial advisors at Holland Capital Management can help set up a financial plan to make the most of your financial resources striving to achieve your dreams and goals.

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Prepare For The Future

Help Ensure a Comfortable Retirement

We can help you create a retirement saving and investment strategy whether you are saving for retirement, transitioning to retirement, or living in retirement.

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Fund the College Dreams of a Child or Grandchild

We can help you explore college saving plans and other education funding options.

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Plan for the Unexpected

We can work with you to ensure adequate insurance coverage, estate planning and more into your complete financial plan.

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